Our Love Story❤️


I thought I’d switch it up a bit from my usual pregnancy updates & share with you all my Fiancé & I’s love story from where it all began. We have a long history that most people (even some of our closest friends) don’t even know about😱

The beginning

Corey & I’s story began 10 years ago when we were just fifteen years old. I initially saw Corey in a bowling alley & it truly felt like love at first sight for me. Nerdy, I know. I can’t describe in words how or why I was so instantly drawn to him but in that moment I knew I needed to know his name.  A friend of mine was gracious enough to find out. The next day I messaged him on Facebook & introduced myself. 

We instantly connected. After our first conversation, we exchanged numbers & began texting almost daily. A few weeks later, texts turned into phone calls. Short calls before dinner, turned into calls that lasted until 5am. 

    We knew early on that a “serious” high school relationship was nearly impossible for us for various circumstances. 

    1. We went to different schools in different towns.

    2. We were both active in sports.

    3. Our extra curricular activities were almost entirely opposite so there were very few days in the year that we’d ever have a chance to be face-to-face. 

    We kept our relationship strictly no strings attached (although my heart was fully attached from the beginning) throughout the following three years of high school.

    Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I vividly remember one conversation that has stuck with me all these years. I told Corey that no matter what our futures held after high school, that I would never forget him being the first boy I’d fallen in love with & that he’d always be a little more special than whoever I married because of that. Corey replied that I never had to think of a future without him because he was going to marry me one day❤️

    Emotionally, our non-exclusive immature relationship took a toll on my fragile, teenage heart over the following two years. Jealousy & separation anxiety began to hinder everything we had. We both tried dating other people, purposely trying to make each other jealous & while our feelings for each other were telling us one thing, our regular busy lives were telling us this was just bad timing. 

    Being one grade ahead, the end of my senior year was approaching. I had to start thinking about life without Corey once college started. 

    Graduating & starting college was supposed to be an exciting experience to look forward to but for me, it was a heartbreaking experience. Corey & I mutually agreed our relationship ended there & our lives without each other would begin. 

    Life without him

    I began college feeling incomplete & insecure not having someone like Corey to fall back on. I landed myself into a long 3 1/2 year emotionally abusive relationship where my darkest days came out & severely effected my mental & physical health. I had lost all sense of self-worth. I felt like I was constantly fighting for affection & respect.

    Corey & I sporadically checked in with each other from time to time throughout those 3 1/2 years. I couldn’t help but always feel a little bit of that heartbreak overcome me again each time we caught up. Corey was living happily without me. Here I was miserable, like this was as good as it was going to get for me & there was no way out.

    As time went on, I could see my relationship was never going to get any better & Corey was there for me when I finally made the conscious decision to put an end to my relationship & move home. 

    Together Again

    I moved home just after my 22nd birthday, landed myself an awesome job & began spending as much time with Corey as I had the chance to. Everything was different this time. In my opinion, being in separate relationships & growing up without each other only helped both of us realize exactly what we wanted in a life partner. Corey was extremely patient with me while I slowly overcame low self-esteem, recovered from an eating disorder & learned to accept an unconditional love I had not experienced in my previous relationship.

    Three Years Later

    Today i’m engaged to the boy I fell in love with at the innocent age of fifteen. We’re expecting a beautiful baby girl, living the life we talked about having together ten year ago. As much as I would’ve loved to spend every waking moment with Corey from day one, our roller coaster of history has shaped our relationship into one that I don’t think we would’ve maturely grown to appreciate had we not experienced the ups & downs we did. Not everyone gets the opportunity to find a love like we have & for that I am so blessed❤️

    Baby Girl Haul!!


    Hi there!! Today I share with you all my first baby haul for our daughter!! Since finding out the gender, we have hardly been able to contain ourselves in spoiling her with a wardrobe of floral prints, glitter & bows!🌸🎀✨💕 We’re grateful to have also received several gifts from friends & family so far!

    22 week update | An emotional scare


    Thank you for stopping by again. This weeks blog is a little different in that there was so much going on these last few days and so much on my mind that I felt it easier to sit in front of the camera and just be real with you all.​ 

    Halfway there! | 20 week anatomy scan, & starting my birth plan!


    Hello again! As of today I am 20 weeks + 2 days! I cannot believe how fast the first half of this pregnancy has gone. 
    Today we had our 20 week anatomy scan. Corey & I chose to have the gender written & sealed to be given to a family friend who is putting together our gender reveal surprise. We’re just one week away from the big announcement!

    Besides the looking for gender, the ultrasound tech measured and recorded Peanut’s heart, brain & organ development, head circumference, length & weight. Our little one weighs a whopping 13 oz & is measuring at exactly 20w + 2 d.

    After reviewing our anatomy scan, our OB determined everything to be looking FANTASTIC!! a huge sigh of relief😌

    As for how I’m doing, I am now +6 lbs from prepregnancy weight. My ultrasound also confirmed my hunch that I have an anterior placenta! This means my placenta is growing closer to my belly rather than my spine, acting as a pillow to Peanut’s kicks. I have been curious of this being the case because I have yet to feel movement. My blood pressure continues to remain under control with a simple baby aspirin daily. At this point, I can now be diagnosed with preeclampsia at any time given the symptoms arise. So far we’re looking good👌🏽

    Due to this summer heating up, I am advised to stay very hydrated & limit outdoor activity to avoid swelling. My diet remains daily low sodium.

    I have begun to research my birth plan!

    I have chosen to remain unmedicated for as long as possible but will have a saline lock. I prefer to be induced naturally with a foley bulb. Shall my labor not progress, I am open to other forms of induction. 

    I am not naive to the pain of labor & delivery so I will get an epidural should I feel I need it. I will first attempt alternative methods to medication such as free movement, breathing exercises, jacuzzi labor & a birthing ball. 

    Disclaimer** In no way am I against any form of labor & delivery. I would never judge another woman for how they choose to bring their baby into the world. My decision to attempt an unmedicated birth is simply for the fact that I would love to, at least once, experience & feel every moment (no matter how painful) of labor & delivery. My mom had a natural hospital birth with me & I feel I am capable of the same!

    There are still many decisions to make regarding my birth plan. Of course my & baby’s health are ultimately what’s most important & I fully trust my OB’s recommendations to ensure a safe & healthy delivery. 

    This concludes my post for the day! In the next two weeks we will share details & reactions of GENDER REVEAL so stay tuned!