Halfway there! | 20 week anatomy scan, & starting my birth plan!


Hello again! As of today I am 20 weeks + 2 days! I cannot believe how fast the first half of this pregnancy has gone. 
Today we had our 20 week anatomy scan. Corey & I chose to have the gender written & sealed to be given to a family friend who is putting together our gender reveal surprise. We’re just one week away from the big announcement!

Besides the looking for gender, the ultrasound tech measured and recorded Peanut’s heart, brain & organ development, head circumference, length & weight. Our little one weighs a whopping 13 oz & is measuring at exactly 20w + 2 d.

After reviewing our anatomy scan, our OB determined everything to be looking FANTASTIC!! a huge sigh of relief😌

As for how I’m doing, I am now +6 lbs from prepregnancy weight. My ultrasound also confirmed my hunch that I have an anterior placenta! This means my placenta is growing closer to my belly rather than my spine, acting as a pillow to Peanut’s kicks. I have been curious of this being the case because I have yet to feel movement. My blood pressure continues to remain under control with a simple baby aspirin daily. At this point, I can now be diagnosed with preeclampsia at any time given the symptoms arise. So far we’re looking good👌🏽

Due to this summer heating up, I am advised to stay very hydrated & limit outdoor activity to avoid swelling. My diet remains daily low sodium.

I have begun to research my birth plan!

I have chosen to remain unmedicated for as long as possible but will have a saline lock. I prefer to be induced naturally with a foley bulb. Shall my labor not progress, I am open to other forms of induction. 

I am not naive to the pain of labor & delivery so I will get an epidural should I feel I need it. I will first attempt alternative methods to medication such as free movement, breathing exercises, jacuzzi labor & a birthing ball. 

Disclaimer** In no way am I against any form of labor & delivery. I would never judge another woman for how they choose to bring their baby into the world. My decision to attempt an unmedicated birth is simply for the fact that I would love to, at least once, experience & feel every moment (no matter how painful) of labor & delivery. My mom had a natural hospital birth with me & I feel I am capable of the same!

There are still many decisions to make regarding my birth plan. Of course my & baby’s health are ultimately what’s most important & I fully trust my OB’s recommendations to ensure a safe & healthy delivery. 

This concludes my post for the day! In the next two weeks we will share details & reactions of GENDER REVEAL so stay tuned!


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