My sweet girl is ONE month old today🤗❤️ 

Each day since Winnie was born, we’ve slowly seen her personality grow. She’s a sassy girl who knows what she wants & what she doesn’t (most of the time). 

I’ll break down her monthly updates into a few categories: feeding, sleeping, & development.

Photo credit: Brittney Hoffman Artistry

Feeding— This subject is evolving every day. Owynn is breastfed with a supplement of two formula bottles daily so that mommy can pump & store enough for time away from baby (babysitting & daycare). Currently Owynn has no schedule for feeding. She eats on demand with no rhyme or rhythm. On average, Owynn eats 2-4oz every two hours during the day & maybe three hour stretches through the night. We’re four weeks away from daycare so our goal is to get Winnie to a three hour stretch between feedings during the day as well.  

Photo Credit: Brittney Hoffman Artistry

Sleeping— immediately we noticed Owynn had her days & nights reversed. She woke up just long enough for a diaper change and a feeding then went right back to sleep during the day. Around mommy’s bedtime Owynn typically has a long period where she’s alert & needs stimulation for a couple hours. Throughout the night Owynn usually sleeps a 2.5-3 hour period with longer stretches in between where she’s wide awake before the next 2.5-3 hour period of sleep. As Owynn has just entered her fifth week of life, she’s currently experiencing her first growth spurt in my opinion. The last couple of nights she’s gone through a little bit of sleep regression, fighting her sleep & only snoozing for shorter periods of time. Fingers crossed by the end of the week she starts to figure out her sleep schedule again!

Photo Credit: Brittney Hoffman Artistry

Development— I’m choosing to track Owynn’s development following the Wonder Weeks App. Owynn is about to go into her first leap which I fully believe is contributing to her growth spurt & sleep regression over the last few days. Owynn seems to be right on track with her first leap, crying for no normal reason (I.e. dirty diaper, hunger, lack of sleep), needy for much more physical contact & cluster feeding. According to the Wonder Weeks, Owynn is going through her first major neurological change since birth. Some explain it as being “being born again.” Soon she should begin socially smiling, respond to touch & odor, increase her attention span, stay alert & busy for longer periods of time.

Likes: Owynn currently finds comfort in being in her baby carrier, sleeping on mommy’s chest, & dancing to Ed Sheeran.

Dislikes: swaddling is an ABSOLUTELY NOT & forget about bath time (although she doesn’t mind the shower)!

Last weigh-in: 2 weeks old, 8lbs 3.5oz

Last measurements: 2 weeks old, 20.5 inches long

I cannot believe how much Owynn has changed in her first few weeks of life but I’m so excited to watch her mind & body grow & develop, especially in this first year of her life! Thank you for checking out today’s post. Stay tuned for my postpartum update in the very near future! Xo

My Entire Pregnancy Journey!


I decided to film a video sharing my entire first pregnancy experience seeing as I didn’t document weekly updates the way I originally wanted to. Every detail of my entire pregnancy could have made this the worlds longest video so I’ve summarized each trimester. We’re just a few days away from welcoming our beautiful girl into the world!!💕 Thank you to all of our friends & family who have showed us so much love & support throughout this huge transition in our lives, & to the new friends I’ve made along the way through my blog & YouTube❤️ I hope you enjoy this video!

Third Trimester Must-Haves!


Hello, lovelies!! It’s been a bit since my latest post but this pregnancy has continued to get harder & harder by the day! I’m just days away from my induction & finally feel confident enough in these must-have products to share them with you!

1. Antiacids! Never in my life before being 28 weeks pregnant did I experience heartburn. Let me tell you, it’s painful & downright annoying. My heartburn hit hardest in the middle of the night, keeping me awake all hours & limiting positions I could sit or sleep in throughout the day. Carbonated drinks seemed to be the culprit to most of my heartburn, which was extremely unfortunate because I craved soda my entire third trimester! Believe it or not, I’ve drank more soda in the last 11 weeks than I have in the last three years! I pop a couple TUMS after a soda & right before bed. It keeps me comfortable throughout the day & does wonders for my sleep.

2. Raspberry Leaf Tea! I read about drinking this tea in your third trimester to strengthen your uterus, promoting an easier labor. Now I cannot say for sure that this helps the laboring process because I have yet to experience real labor. HOWEVER, I’ve drank a cup of raspberry leaf tea twice a day for almost my entire third trimester & hardly feel my contractions or Braxton hicks. I get a weekly non-stress test done to monitor babe’s heart rate & my contractions. I almost never feel them when they’re picked up on the monitor. Now science cannot “prove” raspberry leaf tea actually works but the reputation behind it must be true enough because it was my OB’s first recommendation to help with labor. 


3.  Nursing bras! By this point in your pregnancy, even your bras don’t fit anymore. I’ve ruined hundreds of dollars worth of VS bras trying to wear them throughout my entire pregnancy but the girls JUST DONT FIT anymore. So instead of squeezing into my sexy bras or trying to stuff everything into a sport bra, I finally ordered a couple from amazon & they are my holy grail! they are thin & stretchy enough to form to your continuously growing girls but durable enough to keep everything in place as well.  By this point in your pregnancy you’re probably also leaking colostrum. Nursing bras are perfectly made to tuck in a couple nursing pads & save you the embarrassment of leaking through your shirt while out in public🙈 Baby isn’t even here yet & you’re already getting so much good use out of the worlds comfiest bras!

4. Newborn Laundry Detergent! Before baby’s arrival it is paramount to wash all of the cute outfits you have ready for your little one to sport. Baby clothes are loaded with formaldehyde to look perfect & crisp in store so that you’ll buy them. In reality, your newborns skin is fresh & sensitive. Too sensitive for the chemicals their clothes are sprayed with. Not only can these chemicals be harsh for your little one’s skin, these warehouses they’re shipped from can be infested with rodents & pests finding their way into packing boxes. EW🤢  Dreft Laundry detergent is designed specifically for infants & has different formulas ranging for those newborns with sensitive skin to more active babies who could have a lot more stains on their clothes. They even have a plant-based detergent if that’s your thing! 

Hopefully you’ll find great use out of some of these products for your last stretch of pregnancy! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today. The support is so so appreciated! Be on the lookout a few weeks from now for my next Must-Haves list that’s all about POST-PARTUM & I’ll also be posting my labor & delivery story once we’re home & settled in with little Owynn!👶🏻💕

What’s in my baby’s hospital bag!? | First Time Mom Edition


Hello, hello & welcome back!! Check out my “What’s in my baby’s hospital bag?” video! I packed Owynn’s bag a little early because of recent changes we may be facing when it comes to being induced early. We hope to make it to our 39 week induction date. However, due to some issues managing my hypertension, we may get to meet our sweet girl at 37 weeks which is less than a month away!! 

Second Trimester Must Haves! 


Welcome back! Now that I am well into my third trimester, I though I’d share with you ladies some of the essentials that helped me through my second trimester of pregnancy!

My second trimester was by far the easiest! Most of the products I share with you are not just good products to help through this stage of pregnancy, but I’ve found them to be totally necessary!

  1. Pregnancy pillow: I was not convinced I’d need a $70 pillow to help me sleep. My fiancé was gracious enough to find me a pregnancy pillow for steal on Amazon, knowing better than I that I wouldn’t regret the purchase. It made a WORLD of a difference in what I thought was good sleep. Halfway through my second trimester I began to transition to sleeping on my side not realizing how difficult it would be. The pregnancy pillow was absolutely key to keeping me comfortable on my side & allowing me to getting into a much deeper sleep than I had been before. 
  2. Maternity clothes/belly band: Now you’re in the stage where you’re no longer going to be able to squeeze into even the fat jeans you save for Thanksgiving dinner. I initially purchased a belly band from Target to wear solely because growing pains & the first few lbs I put on made it uncomfortable to keep my pants buttoned all day. This product helped for a while but eventually I did cave & buy maternity clothes once I could no longer find comfort in single piece of clothing I owned. The belly band just won’t cut it once you start filling out everywhere else! 
  3. Nursing pads: I was completely shocked to discover I started leaking colustrom in my 24th week of pregnancy! Some days it was a few droplets & others it completely soaked through my sports bra. It’s completely normal in the second trimester but you definitely don’t want to ruin your sexy Victoria’s Secret bras so nursing pads will be essential! 
  4. Water: you can never ever be too hydrated in any stage of pregnancy. H20 is so important for many many reasons when you’re busy growing a human. It’s essential in making sure all nutrients & hormones are being trasported to the blood cells that will reach your placenta & your baby. It keeps UTIs at bay, keeps your digestive track moving smoothly, preventing constipation & hemerrhoids😱 Some women start to experience swelling in their second trimester, especially those pregnant in the summer months. Water helps with swelling, overheating, headaches & fatigue. Quick Tip**If you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time as it is drinking plain ol’ water. I stocked up on MIO to flavor my water so that I could better consume more and more each day to help reach my daily goal.

I hope this post helps some of you ladies find great comfort in your second trimester while your body begins to drastically change compared to your first. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed this stage of my pregnancy without everything I mentioned today!

Now that I’m closer & closer to the end of my first pregnancy journey, stay tuned for some fun posts to come as I prepare for labor & delivery!💕

Our Love Story❤️


I thought I’d switch it up a bit from my usual pregnancy updates & share with you all my Fiancé & I’s love story from where it all began. We have a long history that most people (even some of our closest friends) don’t even know about😱

The beginning

Corey & I’s story began 10 years ago when we were just fifteen years old. I initially saw Corey in a bowling alley & it truly felt like love at first sight for me. Nerdy, I know. I can’t describe in words how or why I was so instantly drawn to him but in that moment I knew I needed to know his name.  A friend of mine was gracious enough to find out. The next day I messaged him on Facebook & introduced myself. 

We instantly connected. After our first conversation, we exchanged numbers & began texting almost daily. A few weeks later, texts turned into phone calls. Short calls before dinner, turned into calls that lasted until 5am. 

    We knew early on that a “serious” high school relationship was nearly impossible for us for various circumstances. 

    1. We went to different schools in different towns.

    2. We were both active in sports.

    3. Our extra curricular activities were almost entirely opposite so there were very few days in the year that we’d ever have a chance to be face-to-face. 

    We kept our relationship strictly no strings attached (although my heart was fully attached from the beginning) throughout the following three years of high school.

    Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I vividly remember one conversation that has stuck with me all these years. I told Corey that no matter what our futures held after high school, that I would never forget him being the first boy I’d fallen in love with & that he’d always be a little more special than whoever I married because of that. Corey replied that I never had to think of a future without him because he was going to marry me one day❤️

    Emotionally, our non-exclusive immature relationship took a toll on my fragile, teenage heart over the following two years. Jealousy & separation anxiety began to hinder everything we had. We both tried dating other people, purposely trying to make each other jealous & while our feelings for each other were telling us one thing, our regular busy lives were telling us this was just bad timing. 

    Being one grade ahead, the end of my senior year was approaching. I had to start thinking about life without Corey once college started. 

    Graduating & starting college was supposed to be an exciting experience to look forward to but for me, it was a heartbreaking experience. Corey & I mutually agreed our relationship ended there & our lives without each other would begin. 

    Life without him

    I began college feeling incomplete & insecure not having someone like Corey to fall back on. I landed myself into a long 3 1/2 year emotionally abusive relationship where my darkest days came out & severely effected my mental & physical health. I had lost all sense of self-worth. I felt like I was constantly fighting for affection & respect.

    Corey & I sporadically checked in with each other from time to time throughout those 3 1/2 years. I couldn’t help but always feel a little bit of that heartbreak overcome me again each time we caught up. Corey was living happily without me. Here I was miserable, like this was as good as it was going to get for me & there was no way out.

    As time went on, I could see my relationship was never going to get any better & Corey was there for me when I finally made the conscious decision to put an end to my relationship & move home. 

    Together Again

    I moved home just after my 22nd birthday, landed myself an awesome job & began spending as much time with Corey as I had the chance to. Everything was different this time. In my opinion, being in separate relationships & growing up without each other only helped both of us realize exactly what we wanted in a life partner. Corey was extremely patient with me while I slowly overcame low self-esteem, recovered from an eating disorder & learned to accept an unconditional love I had not experienced in my previous relationship.

    Three Years Later

    Today i’m engaged to the boy I fell in love with at the innocent age of fifteen. We’re expecting a beautiful baby girl, living the life we talked about having together ten year ago. As much as I would’ve loved to spend every waking moment with Corey from day one, our roller coaster of history has shaped our relationship into one that I don’t think we would’ve maturely grown to appreciate had we not experienced the ups & downs we did. Not everyone gets the opportunity to find a love like we have & for that I am so blessed❤️

    First Trimester Must Haves!


    Hey hey, everyone! Today’s topic is again, all about that long (and sometimes miserable) 14 weeks! Only this post could just make the first trimester a little easier for you ladies looking forward to babies in the future! 

    I feel very blessed to have been able to experience, in my opinion, a very healthy, misery free first trimester. I give full credit to the essentials I’m going to talk about below so I’ll just get right into it!

    1. PRENATAL VITAMINS– For obvious reasons! Folic acid & Iron are two of the most essential vitamins you need. Folic acid helps baby’s brain & spinal cord development. This is especially important prior to conceiving, so if you plan to get pregnant, start taking those prenatals!! Iron will help prevent anemia. Your body needs iron to make extra blood for your baby & helps move oxygen through your body & to baby’s. Iron deficiencies can leave you feeling fatigue, one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy. IMPORTANT!! Prenatal gummies DO NOT contain iron. If you choose to take a gummy vitamin, take an iron supplement on top of that!! Side Note** Iron often results in nausea. Take your prenatal after eating your biggest meal of the day. I prefer after dinner 🙂 

    2. PINK STORK TEA – There isn’t much to say about this product except that it did wonders for me! Made with organic ginger, black tea leaves & it’s caffeine free! Thanks to a cup of this in the morning, I did not get sick once in my first trimester 🙂 This line also has a tea for preparing for labor, & milk supply so you can bet I’ll be adding those to my regimen! 

    3.HONEY – Pregnancy suppresses your immune system, leaving mama-to-be more susceptible to all kinds of viruses & infections. I developed a horrible three month upper respiratory infection shortly before finding out I was pregnant. Several doctors visits, antibiotics & inhalers later, my doctor recommended honey. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory. The ONLY thing that worked to relieve swelling in my throat & lymphnodes. A couple spoonfuls in hot water or tea & I was back to my healthy self in a few short days!! 

    4. Vitamin E Oil -Unfortunately, stretch marks are hereditary. HOWEVER! I am not convinced that there isn’t anything you can do to minimize them. “If it’s in your genes, you’re gonna get them & there’s nothing you can do about it.” So I’ve been told a million times by my mama peers.*Eye roll* Vitamin E oil promotes elasticity in your skin. I use this religiously in my night routine & have yet to see even the faintest stretch mark. Now I know they may come closer to my due date but I remain optimistic! There are so many products out there devoloped to “prevent” & minimize stretch marks that actually do work in one way or another. I fully believe in vitamin E oil to tackle them before they’re seen! 

    5. Acne Spot Treatment – Hormonal changes during pregnancy throws your skin out of whack!! Blemishes immediately made an appearance early into my pregnancy. For most, your hormones will balance out later on & your skin will probably go back to what “normal” was for you pre-pregnancy. That isn’t always the case, though. My go-to throughout my entire pregnancy so far has been my Arbonne Intensive Acne Spot treatment. I have THE most sensitive skin & whole heartedly believe in this brand because it’s the only line that helped me since puberty! I’m not saying this is the ONLY product for everyone, but your skin WILL change & it’s important to find what works for you during those breakout days! Trust me, you will see more of them when growing a precious human inside of you. 

    I hope these essentials can help a future mama-to-be out the way they’ve helped me!   The dreaded first trimester doesn’t have to be as miserable as many claim it to be. Discovering these products early helped to make my pregnancy that much more enjoyable from the very beginning!

    Baby Girl Haul!!


    Hi there!! Today I share with you all my first baby haul for our daughter!! Since finding out the gender, we have hardly been able to contain ourselves in spoiling her with a wardrobe of floral prints, glitter & bows!🌸🎀✨💕 We’re grateful to have also received several gifts from friends & family so far!

    22 week update | An emotional scare


    Thank you for stopping by again. This weeks blog is a little different in that there was so much going on these last few days and so much on my mind that I felt it easier to sit in front of the camera and just be real with you all.​